Zinnias Clutch and Accessories

Zinnias Clutch and Accessories

Product Details

Embroidered Zinnias Clutch and Accessories
from Susa Glenn Designs

CD includes the following projects:

1. Embroidered Zinnias Clutch 2. Embroidered Zinnias Glasses Case 3. Embroidered Zinnias Checkbook Cover  4. Embroidered Zinnias Card Case. 

Each project is great for classes! These projects showcase Susa Glenn's Embossed Embroidery™ Techniques that are so easy and ensure professional looking results every time! The Embossed Embroideries are stitched into fabric bonded to Soft and Stable (tm) and look like they are three dimensionally stamped deeply into the projects’ surfaces. The Card Case and the Checkbook Cover showcase a second clever way to create an improved structure to showcase embroidery on. 

The Embroidered Zinnias Clutch is sized so that you can keep your essentials in it when traveling light. It fits nicely into a large bag or tote so you don’t have to haul the big one with you all the time. There are two larger pockets and four mini pockets for lipsticks, nail clippers, etc. The top zipper wraps around to the sides about 2” which makes the tidy interior very accessible. Lots of photos and tips are included with easy to follow instructions. The zipper installation is very easy with professional results every time. 

Excluding the machine embroidery time, it takes about an hour to complete the clutch if you cut out all pieces while the embroidery stitches. It’s a fun afternoon project and a great gift idea! Finished size 8.5” X 4.5” X 2.25”. 

Included: Four machine embroidery designs specially formulated to fit exactly on the sides of the clutch bag shown above and on each of the accessories; embroidery placement templates and Master Layout Templates/patterns to print, for the four project; detailed instructions with lots of pictures for how to accurately position the embroideries; detailed instructions with an abundance of photographs that will walk you through the steps to make all four of the included projects. Four projects are included; each makes a great class! Each can be sewn in less than an hour excluding the embroidery stitching time. 

Zinnias Clutch, finished size, 8.5” X 4.5” X 2.25”, embroidery size, 4.5” X 9”, 41,169 stitches, 9 colors. 

Zinnias Checkbook Cover, finished size, 6.25”X 3.25” X .375”, embroidery size, 3.2” X 5.65”, 20,132 stitches, 9 colors. 

Zinnia Glasses Case (made In The Hoop), finished size 7”X 3”X .5”, embroidery size 2.75” X 6”, 9,347 stitches, 7 colors. 

Zinnias Card Case, finished size, 4.25” X 2.5” X .25”, embroidery size 4.20” X 5.75”, 39,279 stitches, 9 colors.