As New Yorkers who love and appreciate our rather special City, we've always stocked whatever NYC-themed fabrics we could find. But because we were frequently disappointed in the quality of many designs & the too-short periods they were kept in print, we decided five years ago to take control of our New York fabric destiny, and introduced our own designs of 100% cotton, New York-themed prints. We are now up to 16 different designs, some in multiple colorways.

Our City Collection™ is only available from The City Quilter– by phone (212-807-0390) or online, and is not sold anywhere else. 16 of the fabrics shown below are our creations; the rest are from other companies. From time-to-time, we've had a manufacturer reproduce exclusively for us an out-of-print design that we believe is an exceptional NYC print. The current example of this TT84, "Taxi Cabs," which we consider a "New York Basic!"