A Bernina Sewing Machine Workshop Series at The City Quilter

The City Quilter has launched a continuing series of "Know Your Bernina" workshops that will extend and deepen your knowledge of this amazing piece of modern technology. We know that many Bernina owners would value more in-depth instruction and focused exploration of how to make practical use of their machine's numerous features.

These are usually “hands-on” workshops where you will stitch on the Berninas, making samples and taking notes on “just how that was done” so that you can achieve the same results at home. Some workshops are more project-oriented, however.

They are taught by City Quilter staffer & teacher, Christine Janove, who has developed special curriculum just for us. Chris owns a Bernina 440QE, which she loves.

Intro to Decorative Stitches: How to access & adapt to your needs, how to use the balance button to alter stitches, how to use the machine's temporary memory.
Using Alphabets & Programming Memory: Learn how to program letters & decorative stitches into the memory so they can be recalled for future use. Also, combination stitches, mirror images, altered stitches, complete repeats will all be done in class. This is your opportunity to experiment with different sewing machine threads.
Bernina Stitch Regulator: Intensive review: Experience the difference between self-guided free motion work with the #9 or #29 free-motion foot, and the Bernina Stitch Regulator. Learn the difference between BSR 1 and BSR 2. Try out the 3 soles that come with the BSR and learn the appropriate time to use each of them. Demo of the Free Motion Couching foot.
ZIppers, Buttonholes, & Hems: A wide variety of buttonhole styles are possible with a Bernina. Learn the appropriate use of each and stitch out samples. Zippers and hems are also covered.
Practical Stitches: Your Bernina has a wide array of practical stitches, from overlock to hem stitch, denim-like triple stitch, to reinforced zig-zag. Learn how to handle knit fabrics, nylon, corduroy and upholstery fabrics.
Circular embroidery: a project-based class which gives you hands-on experience using the #83 circular embroidery attachment.
Couched Pocket Purse: a project that teaches use of decorative stitches, the #21 foot & the Free Motion Couching foot.

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