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MADE IN NEW YORK: City Quilting

In the Winter of 2007, The City Quilter organized an exhibition of quilts to commemorate the 10th anniversary of our classroom–and our shop. More than 90 quilts were submitted that were begun in our classroom, and 45 were selected for a public show at the Williams Club on East 39th Street.  It was a success, with more than 1,000 people visiting over those 7 weeks. The Club was pleased with the response, and has invited us back for another exhibition.

This year the show had a new name and a different theme: “MADE IN NEW YORK: City Quilting” celebrates the best in New York metropolitan area quilting. For submission, a quilt must have been made while the quilter was living or working in the New York metro area. As part of the show, there was a special exhibition of Dear Jane quilts, commemorating the 10 years of Dear Jane classes at The City Quilter, and the considerable community of "Janiacs" that have developed as a result of our teachers, Judy Doenias and Diane Rode Schneck.

The exhibition ran from Tuesday, September 22 through Saturday, November 14. The 60 quilts were viewable from 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week, and took up the public space on three floors of the Club. The Williams Club's address is 24 East 39th Street, which is between Madison & Park Avenues. There was no admission charge. The Club reports that more than 3,000 came to see the exhibit. These visitors were from all around the U.S. and the World--as well as from NYC and the New York metro area.

You can see a photo gallery from the exhibition's opening reception by clicking here.

See how the exhibition was promoted in Times Square on Panasonic's giant Astrovision screen--every 7 1/2 minutes for 6 weeks!

These three quilts are in the show, and suggest the range and quality that visitors enjoyed.

"Green Piece" by Teri Scaduto is a featured quilt in The City Quilter's exhibition at the Williams Club
Wildlife quilt by Ellen Highsmith Silver appearing in City Quilter's Williams Club exhibit
"Kitschen' Jane by Amy Ronis quilt featured in The City Quilter's exhibition at the Williams Club
“Green Piece” is by Teri Scaduto
“Wildlife“ is by Ellen Highsmith Silver
Kitschen' Jane by Amy Ronis

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